Preschool / Kindergarten Program

Preschool / Kindergarten Program

The young child internalizes concepts through movement, repetition, the use of senses and the manipulation of concrete objects. We provide a rich environment of well-structured tasks in a broad and far reaching curriculum.

Children are permitted freedom of choice within a stimulating environment with clearly defined limits. Working individually or in groups, they become absorbed by their chosen tasks and experience a deep, inner satisfaction, creating a positive attitude and an excellent foundation for creative learning. They learn concepts that will give them advantage later in school.

Our Montessori program is based on the individual. Students can excel at their own pace and are not stifled by a status quo style of teaching.


Exercises designed to coordinate the brain, muscles and senses are real experiences the child learns to master in order to become an independent agent in his environment.


Manipulative materials designed to educate and refine the senses: tactile, visual, auditory, and even gustatory and olfactory.


Beginning with Sandpaper Letters, it progresses through all the phonetic skills and includes vocabulary development and learning to read and write. Using phonics, children can begin to read at age two in our program.


Beginning with Number Rods and Sandpaper Numerals to give a muscular-sensory understanding of numeration, it progresses through and includes: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with concrete materials. With Mortensen Math children begin to understand algebra and even calculus.

Extra Curricular

We include a range of extra curricular activities as part of our program; including Spanish, dance, music, and computers. These are all provided at no extra cost.

After School Classes

As part of our after school program we offer activities such as cooking, private piano lessons, and group art.