Here is some positive feedback about San Marino Montessori School from our parents!

At first I was reluctant to enroll my child David in the school, the San Marino Montessori School, but I found out that my child is so happy to stay in this environment and he learned a lot from very efficient teachers!  The staff of this school is so accommodating and now my child is going back to China but he will always remember the good things he learned and he is now talking in English!  I am also grateful to the administration that is always helping me in all the things I could hardly understand as a visitor in this country.  Very truly yours.” -Juan Huang, August, 2017.

We greatly appreciate all the time and effort everyone took to take care of my son.  It’s been a long 3 years and he is leaving the school wealth of knowledge and skills.  I will always remember each and everyone involved in caring and nurturing him.  He was 2 when he came here and now 5 who is able to read and write and very happy every single day to go to school.  We love all the teachers and greatly thank you for sharing knowledge and taking care of him.  Thanks to a great team.”  -The Deshpande family, June, 2017

Dear Ms. Hilda, my son’s last day is around the corner!!  We can not believe how fast the last few years went!!  My daughter and son have learned so much here at San Marino Montessori!!  The friends and memories they have made here are dear to our hearts.  Thank you for all that you do.  Sincerely,” The Tzec Family  May, 2017

As a new parents we must confront decisions that will make critical differences in the life of our child.  Such was the decision to choose a preschool that will provide the warmth and nurturing every child needs plus the careful guidance and positive encouragement for their developmental growth.  
I have just got my 2.5 years old daughter enrolled in this school! And my experience right from contacting the school to complete the joining formalities has been amazing!
I was  impressed with how clean, neat and organized everything was. Mrs Hilda ,the school director walked me through the entire facility and answered all my queries with a smile on her face! She was very patient and upfront in her communication.I toured a lot of places when I moved here and this place stood out. I highly recommend this school. It’s diverse, welcoming and everyone is nice, cordial and respectful — qualities they impart to the children.”  -The Singhi family, October, 2015

This is such a great school!!!  Must enroll. They have the kindest most well and professionally prepared staff, REAL Montessori teachers, principles and approach, beautiful campus.  The school has been around for some thirty some years, and it is in such great shape!  Children get such good quality education, and they are most nurtured.  Children learn well, and develop not only in their academic performance, but also courtesy and manners.  The prices are so generous, and the Administration quite responsive.  I highly recommend it!!!”  -Celia V., March, 2014

The overall impression of the school is a very neat campus and friendly staff.  Some of the major benefits my child receives as a result of our Montessori program is that my daughter learns a lot at school (language, number, songs, manners) and always surprises us at home.  We love teachers in the classroom.  We are very thankful-  We first noticed results on the 1st-2nd week she started school.  We recommend the school!”  -The Bentsi-Barnes family, March, 2013

This school is a hidden gem!  My child is now 19 and is attending University of Edinburgh.  Due to his early advancement, he will have his BA soon.  Many thanks to Miss Naveena and staff for being essential in creating my my son’s successes.  A wonderful eductional system is to be found here which fostered my child’s talents.”  -Shelley S., December, 2011

I have had three different children that all attended San Marino Montessori School, My fourth and my last child is now here in the twos class. The staff is so loving and dedicated, a parent could not ask for anything more! They have such a fantastic curriculum, with tons of extra classes built in. My kids just loved performing at the school shows, and It was such a joy to watch them. The office team is also incredibly helpful and flexible, there was many times were they bent over backwards to help me in a mind. I highly recommend this school to anyone that is looking to have their child excel in academics.”  Sally T., September, 2011

We wanted to write this letter to thank you and your wonderful team for the great year that our children experienced at your school… we were extremely happy with the way your school stimulated and tought our children, and the teachers have done a great job in order to help to develop the intellectual, social, musical and language skills of our 3 children.  We were extremely impressed by the charisma of my son’s teacher and by the way she managed her class.  She also stimulated my son a lot and gave him the opportunity to develop at his own speed; thanks to his teacher, he really made a huge progress in reading and mathematics.  We are very grateful to her, and will forever keep her in mind as a great teacher.  My one daughter also had a fantastic experience.  Starting in room 1, her teacher gave her plenty of time to adjust, and after that she was able to stimulate my daughter a lot in reading and writing.  The stimulation was even stronger in her next class with her other teacher and it is almost incredible how much progress she made during the last year.  My daughter seems to have had a very personal experience with all her teachers, and this gave her a lot of self-confidence:  your school created the ideal environment for her to learn and blossom.  Again, we are very grateful to the teachers and everything they did, and will always keep them in mind.  My younger daughter had her first school experience in room 2, and everything went much smoother than we could dream of.  Her teacher did a wonderful job in making her happy and feeling her comfortable.  It even happened during the weekends that she wanted to come to her class!  She was adjusted so well and the teacher gave my little one so much confidence that she really wanted to go to the “bigger” class where her sister had been.  The next teacher also managed to continue that wonderful experience of our youngest child, and it is fantastic for us as parents to see how happy she is and how fast she develops… We would also like to thank wholeheartedly the fantastic assistant-teachers; their patience and help made it possible for the children to have an individual learning experience, and that contributed a lot to their self-confidence… we will highly recommend your great school to everybody in the Caltech community.  Many thenks for the wonderful experience that you gave to our children.”  The Verstraete-DeBlauwe, July, 2006