A Tale of Two Students

Is This The Time To Be Investing?  …And, A Tale Of Two Students

Is this the time to be investing?  …Can I afford this?  Why should I send my child to a private school, when public school is free?  Many parents ask themselves these questions, especially in these times.  But a better question might be:  CAN I AFFORD NOT TO DO THIS FOR MY CHILD?

To speak of investing for the future may seem inappropriate if a person’s very source of income is on the line.  But if there are choices to be made, please consider this;  In the early years taking a child from preschool through the kindergarten and even first grade, Montessori education allows children to develop skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Removing a child from the Montessori classroom before kindergarten is completed could almost be described as tragic.  In the Montessori kindergarten year, all the work that has lead to that point manifests as a real love of learning, and an ease in the acquiring of knowledge that will show up in later years as the talents and abilities that will be used in the world outside the classroom.  These talents will seem to magically appear, yet are really the out picturing of the natural learning process that was so well nurtured in the Montessori classroom.

As an example, we will tell a brief story of two families and two students:  One is a young man about to enter graduate school, having arrived there through a very competitive environment wherein his talents were recognized.  The other is a young lady that has received scholarships to three major universities.  Her accomplishments in high school were so outstanding; she now has her choice of the best of the best in her higher education.

The unseen part of this story is that both of these students were Montessori children.  Both stayed in the Montessori environment through 4th grade.  It was apparent to the parents of both that the Montessori education they had provided for their children had a major influence on their continuing education.  The parents of both of these students sacrificed greatly to provide a Montessori education for their children.  Many things they would have liked to have were set aside for the benefit of their children.

When parents reflect in later years on what they did right, or perhaps not so right, it is rare to hear a parent say:  “I wish I had not put so much into my child’s education.”  The world we live and work in will continue to be a competitive one, but it will be a  world where great talents and skills will be needed and rewarded.  The tools, talents and skills that adults need are acquired in the years long before those adults thought about working and having a career or even going to college.  As parents, you have the power and the responsibility to make choices that will prepare your children for the future.  We hope one of those choices will be Montessori education.  We firmly believe that it will be a choice you will never regret.